Diamond Shapes

Shape can influence the brilliance of the diamond.

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Round Cut Diamond

Heart Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut Diamond

Pear Cut Diamonds

Oval Cut Diamonds

Marquise Cut Diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Diamond Shape and Proper Setting: If The Diamond Is NOT Set Correctly The Ring.

The shape of each diamond is important to consider is it ultimately affect the radiance of the diamond. For the most brilliant diamond usually the round cut is the best; however, the type setting of the ring can have an effect on the fire and brilliance of the diamond.

Because of the many varieties of diamond cuts, having the right diamond in the proper setting is imperative.  Some people erroneously choose a setting based solely on their taste and fondness of the style, not thinking about whether the setting will in fact be the most ideal for a specific diamond cut they have chosen. 

Many consequences may occur if the improper setting is chosen.  For one, it can compromise the strength of the mounting as it is able to withstand wear and tear, meaning potential diamond loss. A common problem can occur with loose diamonds that need continual repair and maintenance to stay put. 

Poor vs Greating setting

Another error is when a setting is chosen that does not best allow the diamond to catch the light, which is what makes it sparkle.  For example, if an ideal cut diamond were set within a bezel mounting, when perhaps a prong-style setting would be better suited.  The solution is to study and get expert advice from a master jeweler, cutter or diamond professional that can honestly provide a detailed point-of-view as to why a particular setting would look best with the diamond shape you have chosen.

The E.S. Design’s Team will always be glad to answer all your questions to help you select the specific shape of diamonds that best suits your aspirations and budget - guiding you though the process of selection and help you identify the perfect diamond.

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