Emerald Cut Diamonds

A diamond renowned for is rectangular shape. Diamond Tips

- A Good to Very God cut provides the most economical emerald-cut.

- A length/width ratio of 1.30-1.40 might be a little less expensive but still looks great.

Emerald Cut Diamond L/W Ratio

- If you prefer an emerald-cut with a squared outline, then an Asscher-cut diamond may be your answer.

Emerald Cut Diamonds: Unique for Its Pavilion.

The emerald-cut diamond is unique for its pavilion and is cut with rectangular facets to provide a distinct optical appearance. The larger, open table of this shape highlights the diamond’s clarity. If you are choosing an emerald-cut diamond with a lower clarity grade, make sure to review the clarity plot on the diamond certificate as the there is a great variations in the length-to-width ratio found in this cut.

Ideal Emerald Cut vs Normal Emerald Cut

The ideal proportions for an emerald-cut diamond fall into this range:

  Ideal Proportions (Class 1A) Acceptable* (Class 2B)
Depth Percentage: 60.0% - 65.0% 58.0% - 69.0%
Table Percentage: 60.0% - 65.5% 57.0% - 72.0%
Polish: Very Good to Excellent Good to Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good to Excellent Good to Very Good
Girdle: Very Thin to Slightly Thick
(0.4% - 4.5%) or
Thin to Thick (1.0% - 5.5%)
Very Thin to Thick
(0.4% - 5.5%)
Culet: None to Very Small None to Medium
Length/Width Ratio: 1.25 -1.35 1.20 - 1.40

Adapted from D.S. Atlas, Accredited Gem Appraisers, © AGA 1998-2004.

* E.S. Designs does not carry any diamonds below an Acceptable Cut.


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