Round Cut Diamond

Optimized for pure fire and brilliance Diamond Tips

- A Good to Very Good cut provides the most economical round cut.

- A length/width ratio of 0.95 - 1.05 might be a little less expensive but still looks great.

Round Cut Diamonds: The Most Popular Diamond Cut.

The most popular and widely researched diamond shape available now is the round brilliant cut diamond. Optimization of the fire and brilliance in a round diamond is achieved by advanced theories of light behavior and precise mathematical calculations practiced for nearly 100 years now. The round diamond also gives you more flexibility in terms of balancing cut, color and clarity grades without compromising the fire and brilliance you are looking for.

Ideal Round Cut vs Normal Round Cut

The ideal proportions for a round cut diamond would fall into this range:

  Ideal Proportions (Class 1A) Acceptable* (Class 2B)
Depth Percentage: 58.0 - 62.3% <58.3%
Table Percentage: 53.0% - 58.0% 51.0% - 64.0%
Polish: Very Good to Excellent Good to Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good to Excellent Good to Very Good
Girdle: Thin to Medium
(1.0% to 3.0%)
Medium to Slightly Thick
(1.7% - 4.5%)
Very Thin to Thick
(0.4% - 5.5%)
Culet: None to Very Small None to Medium

Adapted from D.S. Atlas, Accredited Gem Appraisers, © AGA 1998-2004.

* E.S. Designs does not carry any diamonds below an Acceptable Cut.

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