Diamond Certification

GIA, AGSL, and EGL are the main diamond grading agencies Diamond Tips

- Each diamond over 0.50 carats comes with a diamond certification from one of these agencies.

Verify your Diamond Report by clicking on one of following agencies below:

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Diamond Certification: A Way To Verify Beauty.

Agencies such as Gemological Institute Of America (GIA), American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL), and European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) exist solely for the purpose of certifying and verifying all factors that go into creating a great diamond. Each diamond is singularly assessed for its cut, clarity, weight, shape, and color. Once the diamond is fully inspected, a certificate is issued to prove its characteristics.

The main diamond agencies list diamond characteristics slightly differently, which can make clearly understanding the differences between diamond characteristics somewhat difficult. For example, GIA lists an Excellent diamond cut grade, whereas AGS lists an Ideal cut grade for the same diamond.

To view a particular diamond certificate, simply click on the diamond certification icon listed on most diamond and jewelry product pages. When you buy a diamond, an official diamond certificate will accompany your purchase as proof of its characteristics. If no certificate listing is shown, then no certification will be provided.

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