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-To take the complexity out of finding the perfect diamond, our customer service representatives are always here to assist you.

Diamond Quality: Finding The Ideal Diamond - All Factors Should Blend Well Together

While the various combinations of diamond factors are almost infinite, not all of the 4 C’s combine well. Light reflecting well through the diamond is very important. For example, if the cut of the diamond is poor, with numerous internal flaws or inclusions, then internal reflection is reduced, meaning less light reflects out of the diamond, thereby reducing fire and brilliance. At E.S. Designs, we have set standards to select only the best diamonds.

Diamond Quality at E.S. Designs

With all of these factors to consider, finding the perfect diamond may seem overwhelming. To make this process easier for you, the jewelers at E.S. Designs have a pre-selection process the eliminates poor quality diamonds, leaving only the best quality diamonds for you to select online.

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