Hearts and Arrow Diamonds

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-Heart and arrow diamonds are not a new phenomenon - they originated in Japan in the 1980s

- A growing trend recuts “older” imperfect diamonds as a heart and arrow cut.

Heart And Arrow Diamonds: Close To Perfection

The hearts and arrows phenomenon is achieved in a Hearts and Arrowsround brilliant cut diamond when every facet is perfectly proportioned. These precise measurements give the diamond the illusion of hearts on the underside of an unset stone, with an arrow pattern that can be seen from the top. Both the hearts and arrows have 8 points when viewed with a special magnifier, known as a Firescope.

This design originated in Japan in the late 1980s when a loose round diamond was cut to ideal precision, revealing a prismatic effect. Since then, the popularity of heart and arrow diamonds has increased as companies such as Hearts on Fire and Masterpiece Diamonds have adopted the unique heart and arrow pattern as their signature cut, which is sold only in select stores.

Hearts and Arrows Cut

Heart and Arrow Diamonds provide maximum sparkle and luster, even in dim lighting. Because of its ideal proportions, each facet is perfectly cut to attract light from any angle. Only a fraction of all round diamonds can be crafted with the heart and arrow pattern due to certain diamond characteristics or the shape of the diamond, which makes it even rarer. The diamond must have near-perfect symmetry and high color and clarity to become one of the few diamonds chosen for such excellence. These heart and arrow round solitaires most often feature a laser-inscribed indicia on the diamond’s girdle that will match the grading report of the diamond for authenticity. However, not all heart and arrow diamonds are graded. Even so, heart and arrow diamonds are unequivocally one of the most brilliantly inspired round diamond cuts of the last quarter century, providing a kaleidoscope of fire that is unsurpassed.

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