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Are you finding it difficult to find that perfect diamond ring? Diamond Tips

- Is the best jewelry the most expensive? Not always.

- Before buying jewelry at any retailer, whether online or a brick and mortar store at your local mall, make sure they have great after sales service.

Life Time Advantages
Price Match Guarantee

Choose the Right Jeweler

Traditional retail and online stores which go beyond price to include variety and expertise are the foremost factors you should consider when making this important purchase decision. You will find all of this and more at E.S. Designs.

Diamond Certification: Diamond certificates or diamond grading reports from unbiased third-parties are essential and guarantee the quality of your diamond.

30 Day Return Policy - No Question Asked: Our 30 day return policy secures you against any eventuality that may be within or outside your control.

Lifetime Diamond Upgrade: We offer a lifetime diamond exchange guarantee. If or when you feel you are ready to upgrade your diamond ring, diamond pendant, or diamond earrings purchased through E.S. Designs, you can do so at your convenience. Simply choose either an upgraded similar version or something else entirely. You only pay the difference in price. All upgrades on new items must be priced 50% greater than original diamond.

Lifetime Ring Resizing Guarantee: This lifetime guarantee includes one full ring size resizing, either increased or decreased. Upon completion of this one free resizing, at no additional charge to you, we thoroughly clean and polish your ring to help restore some of its original luster and beauty.

Lifetime Maintenance & Repairs Guarantee: We take deep pride in our workmanship and guarantee that we will repair our jewelry under most conditions.* Wearing E.S. Designs jewelry grants you the security of knowing you have a lifetime maintenance and repair guarantee, even in an uncertain world.

What Happens After You Order Your Ring? Once a firm order is placed with your jeweler - E.S. Designs, we will maintain contact with you and reassure you that your order is being handled by a master craftsman. We will also inform you that the work will be inspected based on a variety of parameters before your jewelry is delivered to you.

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