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Are you finding it difficult to find that perfect diamond ring? Diamond Tips

- A less expensive alterative to platinum is 14k or 18k white gold.

-A diamond solitaire is the most popular engagement ring setting.

- One of the best ways to find the style of ring she likes is to go ring shopping with her.

Choosing the Diamond Ring She Will Love

Before embarking on the journey to buy your engagement ring, you should educate yourself on certain key factors. She will be wearing the ring for the rest of her life, and you want to be sure she loves it. Your proposal can be a surprise, or she can be involved in the decision. In both the cases, the following information will be immensely useful.

1. Choosing The Metal
If you have not decided on the type of metal to hold the diamond (the setting), you will benefit from understanding the characteristics of the two main options: gold and platinum. Platinum is rarer than gold, and also more expensive. Platinum jewelry is composed of 90 to 95% pure platinum. It is the strongest and most pure metal and is resistant to damage; it won’t wear away and develops a satin finish. Gold, in contrast, is the most common metal used in engagement ring settings. 18k gold is composed of 75% gold and 25% metal alloys to lend it strength. Gold is a softer, malleable metal, is more easily damaged, and will wear away with time. However, gold is easy to polish and repair.

2. Choosing The Setting Styles
You can choose from several different diamond engagement ring settings:

This is the most popular engagement ring setting. It catches the most light with the prongs positioned at the center diamond. A four-prong setting shows a bit more diamond, while a six-prong setting provides a margin of security.

Side Stones
To add sparkle or color, you can choose settings with side diamonds or gemstones. Side stones are protected with channel settings to prevent abrasions by keeping the stones flush with the ring. More light will also enter the side stones because of the bar channel setting which creates a slopped edge of brilliance.

Matching bands
Settings with matching wedding bands can be considered if you prefer the wedding band to be worn on the same finger as your engagement ring.

Three-stone settings
Three diamonds are set in a three-stone setting for a classic ring that is truly unique and expresses your creativity. The three-stone concept symbolizes one diamond for the past, one for the present, and one for the future.

3. Choosing a Diamond Ring She Will Love...Without Her Knowing 
When she is not helping you pick out the ring, finding out what type of setting she likes is a good idea. By knowing her tastes and lifestyle, you can get a good idea of the setting she might like. The color of the jewelry she usually wears and the color of metal are also good indicators. If she is very active and is not accustomed to wearing jewelry, a cathedral, contour, or tension setting should be fine and will protect the diamond from rough treatment. Most engagements are not a surprise. Therefore, couples usually discuss engagement ring choices with each other. Shopping together is perhaps the best way to ensure that the ring you buy matches her tastes and style.

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