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E.S. Designs uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for your protection when ordering online. For customers, this means that your payment information andssl image personal ordering details are encrypted, and the online retailer is verified to ensure your information is secure and safe, and no other parties will be able to intercept your information.

Please note that not all browsers are compatible with this SSL service. If you are using an older or discontinued browser such as Netscape, or an older version of another browser type, you may not have the ability to create a secure session with E.S. Designs. We recommend that you upgrade to another browser before continuing with your transaction.

Recommended browsers include:

* Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.01 or newer

* Netscape version 4.77 or newer

* Firefox version 0.1 or newer

* Mozilla version 0.6 or newer

* AOL version 5 or newer

* Google Chrome (all versions)

* Apple Safari version 1.2 or newer

* Opera version 8 or newer

If you have any questions regarding the security of your transaction, please do not hesitate to contact us. These precautions are in place to ensure that you shopping experience with E.S. Designs is as secure and simple as possible.

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