Silver metal


Silver jewelry always looks chic and fashionable and never goes out of style. At E.S. Designs, we ensure that every piece of our finely crafted silver jewelry is made from the finest sterling silver by our most experienced silver craftsmen, making them timeless pieces.

Effective Care for Your Silver Jewelry
Most people do not realize that routinely caring for silver will actually help it last for several years to come! You will do your silver jewelry a world of good by storing them in soft cloth pouches or storing them in separate compartments in your jewelry box to prevent any unsightly scratches from forming. Never use harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, ammonia, or bleach, to clean your silver because such chemicals can harm silver permanently.

Regular Cleaning is Essential
Regular cleaning of your jewelry is also essential. When silver is exposed to air for extended periods of time, it develops a dull coating that detracts from the sheen of the jewelry. Regular cleaning will prevent any tarnish from accumulating on the surface. We recommend that you have your silver jewelry inspected and serviced by a professional every one or two years.

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