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About E.S. Designs

Fine jewelry can be bought anywhere. However at E.S. Designs what you get is exceptional jewelry and fantastic customer service – a power packed combination guaranteed to enjoy the online shopping experience.

Exceptional customer service

At E.S. Designs we never treat a sale like just another sale. For us it is a chance to improve, innovate and add new dimension to our jewelry collection. That is why we take customer feedback very seriously and make sure all new suggestions are incorporated to enhance our customer service - and more importantly enhance your experience. We understand that when it comes to jewelry customers would like it delivered ‘yesterday’. This is why our shipping systems are exceptionally fast and you can always expect prompt delivery of your products every single time. We are open all 6 days of the week and any query is answered very promptly. All of our staff speak English, Spanish as well as German. To contact us click here.

Our innovation

Today the jewelry market is virtually saturated. You can find online stores selling jewelry on every second site. However, when it comes to E.S. Designs we go beyond the ordinary. We constantly strive to innovate and lend new and exciting features into our jewelry collection. We always stay abreast of all industry trends and make sure to incorporate it into all of our jewelry especially the gemstone and diamond jewelry lines. We have been in existence ever since 1977 and are also members of the Austrian Jewelers Association. We are also verified sellers through PayPal.

Unique jewelry collections

When you visit E.S. Designs you will find a spectacular array of fine gold, silver and platinum jewelry encrusted with precious diamonds and gemstones. Right from rings, to bands, necklaces and pendants to earrings as well as bracelets we have a wide range of designs for you to choose from. With E.S. Designs you will find shopping for your jewelry to be amazing!

And, finally one of the main reasons customer return to shop at E.S. Designs....

• Lifetime Diamond Exchange Guarantee

• Lifetime Ring Resizing Guarantee

• Lifetime Maintenance & Repairs Guarantee.

Quality, value and unquestionably great fine jewelry for over 30 years
- no matter how the world changes these values won’t.

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