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Quality and Quantity at Affordable Prices!
At E.S. Designs, we provide you with exceptional casting solutions at very cost-effective rates. E.S Designs is a down line vendor to De Beers Sight holders. This position allows it to purchase diamonds in bulk for preferential pricing on high quality stones. These savings are passed to the consumer, making these diamonds less expensive than traditional jewelry stores.  wholesale jeweleryThe depth of our gemologists knowledge in diamonds and shipping methods make it a great option for shoppers looking for the best combination of price and quality. Additionally, we also provide you with a wide range of services, including:

• Moulding and modeling

• Finishing

• Rough casting

• Parts assembly

• Stone setting

• Design

• Stone replacement

Our Strategic Advantage
We track all orders and provide you with an accelerated turnaround. Our advanced equipment and quality-oriented approach ensure the best services for you. In addition to this, we at E.S. Designs also have an order control system that is highly accurate. We are an end-to-end manufacturing service provider, and we use manufacturing under private labels. We secure our diamonds directly from major international diamond cutting facilities in Belgium, Israel, South American and the United States. E.S. Designs is supplied by De Beers DTC Sight holders.

E.S. Designs draws on the skills and experience of a variety of experts, including a Consultant Geologist with a Bachelor of Science of the OEGV & OEGEMG and a member of the Austria Jewelry Association with 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry. The staff features 15 years of administrative and sales experience in South Africa and Austrian franchising, and 25 years of marketing experience in South Africa, Canada and Austria.

For Designers: From Concepts to Stunning Designs
At E.S. Designs, we pride ourselves on being able to transform designers’ sketches into stunning jewelry. We emphasize our understanding of your requirements and then undertake the task of manufacturing the end product. We believe in the value of detail, meaning every jewelry piece manufactured by us has an authentic appearance. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned designer or a novice wanting to experiment, we at E.S. Designs strive to ensure your success. We provide a wide range of services:

• 14k and 18k gold (rose, yellow, white, and green)

• Brass

• Sterling silver

• Platinum

• Wax carving

• Gemstone setting

• Injection moulding

• Designing

• Finishing

For Multi-channel Merchants: Accelerated Turnaround
Multi-channel merchants are always on the lookout for jewelry manufacturers who can manage diverse product lines. At E.S. Designs, we have large staff resources and accelerated turnaround times to create fashionable jewelry items. We constantly follow current and future jewelry fashion trends. Whether you are a direct mailing company, catalog merchandise supplier, or multi-channel merchant, we at E.S. Designs can help you achieve success.

For Manufacturers: Extended Capacities
For manufacturers looking for large volume productions, we at E.S. Designs have an extensive production capacity to accomplish your goals. From inventory management of parts to long-term production and short-term requests, we can accomplish these with ease. Stay ahead of the world’s jewelry fashion market by ensuring mass production. Simply complete a request for our catalog.

For Retail Jewelers: Specialized Services
Most of our business stems from medium- and large-scale jewelry stores. From renewing existing merchandise to manufacturing finished pieces, we at E.S. Designs have the necessary expertise.

• Our specialized casting services enable our retail customers to effectively manage peak business.

• Our craftsmen are highly experienced and have state-of-the-art casting equipment. This combination ensures the best jewelry quality.

• With the aid of computer tracking software, we ensure your order is processed precisely, fully, and in a timely fashion.

• We ensure the confidentiality of private-label manufacturing clients and can assemble parts with ease.

• We refurbish existing jewelry and can take on large-volume orders. On average, we can produce as many as 60 unique jewelry pieces every week.

Maximize your profit margins and make your jewelry marketable. Simply contact us.


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