Platinum is one of the rarest and most precious metals on earth, meaning it can be extremely expensive. At E.S. Designs, all of our platinum jewelry meets the highest standards, and every jewelry piece has a unique sheen and luster. Our platinum jewelry is mostly found among our bridal wedding rings because this special metal brings out a diamond’s brilliance very well..

The Strongest Metal
Platinum is one of the strongest metals on earth. Unlike other metals, which can chip and corrode with normal wear and tear, platinum can withstand even major scratches. At E.S. Designs, we find that platinum is perfectly suited for diamond and gemstone jewelry.

High Quality Jewelry
All of our platinum jewelry pieces at E.S. Designs are made of 95% platinum, often combined with 5% indium. We also use ruthenium, palladium, and other alloys. All of our platinum jewelry bears the mark “Plat” or “950 Plat” to signify its quality.

Getting the Shine Back
Like all metals, platinum can lose its shine and luster after prolonged use. The surface usually develops a faded patina. Many people actually like this patina and refuse to have their platinum jewelry polished, but if you prefer a keen shine, you can buff your platinum jewelry using a soft cloth.

Cleaning Platinum
You can effectively clean platinum jewelry by simply soaking it in a solution of mild soap and lukewarm water. Scrub the crevices using a soft toothbrush to reach the tiny crevices. This is one of the best ways to maintain your platinum jewelry and bring back its shine. We recommend that you have your platinum jewelry professionally inspected and serviced every one or two years.

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