Physical Properties of Topaz Gemstones
A variety of siliceous minerals such as aluminum fluosilicate form topaz gemstones. Blue Topaz is a crystal which is based on orthorhombic system - a crystal system with three axes of unlike lengths crossing at right angles..The type of crystalline structure is similar to that found in glass. It has a simple and precise cleavage found on the bottom formation which means topaz gemstones must be Topaz Earringshandled with care to avoid developments of defects in the cleavage. The gemstone has a hardness of 8 in Mohs scale and a specific gravity of not less than 3.3 and not more than 4.0. Although it has a hardness of eight, only two steps lower than a diamond, this variety of gemstone can be simply broken because of the precise cleavage lines. 

Blue Topaz is related to siliceous igneous rocks such as rhyolite and granite. It usually forms in rhyolite lava flows in vapor cavities or in granitic pegmatite, similar to the lava flows found within Topaz Mountain in western Utah.The gemstone often appears in coarse layered rock or in granite that is being supplemented with beryl, mica, tourmaline, and sometimes with apatite, fluorite, and cassiterite. The gemstone also occurs in some several talcose Topaz Gemstone Ring rocks and in silty sediments and coast. Because of the blue color, most blue topaz is often mistaken as an aquamarine gemstones with just the naked eye.

Pure Topaz is originally transparent in color but over time is mostly tinted due to sediment. Other known colors of topaz, which can be found naturally, are white, gray, green, pink, or reddish yellow. Man man heat treatments and irradiations can turn the blue into ranges colors from a light blue to the very dark green or even electric blue.

The biggest gemstone was found in Brazil in 1984 and measured 80 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm in size They named gemstone “El Dorado” and is currently within the British Royal Collection. The best gemstones are found mainly in Brazil, the United States, the Ural Mountains of Russia, Sri Lanka and most parts of India, Australia, Mexico, Myanmar, Japan, and in most parts of Africa.

Brief Folklore of Blue Topaz Gemstones
The blue topaz is the birthstone for December - people in born December generally have an agreeable nature and an endearing attitude. It is also said this gemstone can develop one’s communicative ability and helps enhance one’s confidence. Some believe that this gemstone will improve one’s spiritually - also increasing creativity and mental ability. And there is also the believe that blue topaz’s can conveys wisdom and fortune. Blue Topaz is also considered as a symbol of fidelity and pure love, and is said to heal many diseases and ailments.

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Topaz - Main Characteristics

Topaz Gemstone Ring
Chemical formulaAl2SiO4(F,OH)2
Crystal HabitOrthorhombic
Color/SpectrumBroad gamma.
Atomic (Crystal )StructureHexagonal.
Index of Refraction1.6
Density (Relative)2.64 -2.65
Hardness (Mohs Scale)8
UsesJewelry, ornamental, decorative.
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