History of Tiger Eye Gemstones
Tiger’s eye is also known as the tiger iron, tiger eye, Tiger Eye Ball tigers eye, cat eye, hawk eye, or falcon eye. It is a member of the quartz family known as the chalcedonies. The optical and physical properties of the tiger’s eye are very similar to the single-crystal quartz. The tiger’s eye is usually cut in the shape of a domed cabochon cut or otherwise known as its distinct eye-like shape.

The tiger’s eye is Gemini’s birthstone. It is also the accepted modern gem for the ninth wedding anniversary.

There Tiger Eye Ball are many legends surrounding the use of tiger’s eye. This brown-gold stone that has rippling bands of light reminds us very much of the cat’s eyes. It is believed that the tiger’s eye can help us to be more confident in the ability to realize our dreams. It is also used as a psychic protector and great for business. Roman soldiers used to wear the tiger’s eye to protect them during battle. They believe that it is an all-seeing eye because of its appearance.

When used during meditation, the gemstone is usually placed on the navel center. There are times when the gemstone can be place at the base of the torso and also by the feet. This is great when you feel unfocused or drained. You can also hold it to give you focus.

Many believe that the gemstone has healing abilities. It is said to relieve blood pressure. It is helpful if you have psoriasis, otitis, rheumatic heart disease, and bronchial asthma.

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Tiger Eye - Main Characteristics

Tiger Eye Ball Ring
Chemical formulaSiO2
CompositionSilicon Dioxide.
Crystal HabitPrismatic crystals.
Color/SpectrumYellow to Red-Brown
Atomic (Crystal )Structure-
Index of Refraction1.54-1.55
Density (Relative)2.64 -2.71
Hardness (Mohs Scale)7
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