History of Moonstone Gemstones
Moonstone is the most abundant and affordable of all the phenomenal gems displaying unique optical phenomena. Its popularity soared and waned as time passed by. It was a favorite ofMoonstone uncutVictorian and art nouveau jewelers and again experienced another wave of popularity in the year 1960s. However, this gem has always been important to some cultures. 

Moonstone is perhaps one of, if not the most, mythical among all gemstones. It is highly prized by many healing practitioners for it ‘healing’ powers as well as some mystic religions due to its exotic lunar name and its milky sheen. It was also revered by some cultures. In India, for instance, moonstone is considered a sacred stone. The Romans named it as such due to its ability to reflect moonlight and also considered the stone sacred.

The mystical properties that moonstone is said to possess includes protection and healing in different ways to its wearer. It is also believed that moonstone can assure good crops and good fortune, to protect women and children who are supposed to be generally under the protection of the moon. It is also supposed to enhance passion and balance the ying and yang.

Aside from its mystical properties, moonstone gems are also said to have medicinal or healing properties according to cultures that use stones for spiritual healing. These healing properties of these gems are said to protect against illnesses from epilepsy to sun stroke and minor ailments such as nosebleeds.

Moonstone, along with pearl, is the birthstone for the month of June. It is also used to represent the thirteenth wedding anniversary. Composed of the mineral albite, which helps to give stone its blue sheen and orthoclase feldspar, moonstone is the most valuable stone in the feldspar family. This gem ranges in many different colors, including milky white or gray, blue, peach, pink, yellow, brown, and transparent.

Physical Properties of Moonstone Gemstones
The moonstone gem can be found in several parts of the world such as Brazil, India, Germany, Madagascar, Myanmar, Mexico, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and the U.S. It is prized in many cultures and used in crystal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Zodiac, and many other areas. The most beautiful type of moonstone is the rainbow moonstone with its milky white to gray color and a different blue and gray sheen that catches the light.

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Moonstone - Main Characteristics

Moonstone Pendant
CategoryOrthoclase feldspar
Chemical formulaKAlSi3O8
Crystal HabitCompressed microgranular quartz.
Color/SpectrumBlue opalescence or iridescent.
Atomic (Crystal )StructureHexagonal.
Index of Refraction1.49 - 1.52
Density (Relative)2.52 - 2.54
Hardness (Mohs Scale)6 - 6.5
UsesJewelry, ornamental.
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