Guide to Gemstones


Have you ever shopped for gemstones only to find that you were confused about what you wanted? Here is our guide to five important aspects of gemstones from E.S. Designs, which will help you make informed decisions while shopping for gemstones.
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The 3 C's of Gemstones:

The three critical aspects or 3 C's of any gemstone are its color, cut and clarity.
The most important quality to consider in a gemstone is the color!
The cut of a gemstone can enhance not only the color but the sparkle of the gemstone.

Most gemstones have flaws, but rather than detract from its appearance, such flaws can actually enhance the overall esthetics of the gemstone.
Enhancements, such as heat, resin infusion, or special coatings, are treatments that improve the clarity or color of the gemstone.
The size of a gemstone is measured as the top-view diameter.

Keep your gemstone jewelry looking great 40 years from the day you bought it.
Download a PDF with all the info on gemstone education
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