Gemstone Cut

The right cut can intensify the color of a gemstone

Diamond Tips

- gemstone cut can influence the color of a gemstone look for a Good to Very Good Cut for the best value

Gemstone Cut: An Important Factor that Can Affect Color.

The cut of a gemstone is another critical aspect that defines its quality. While gemstones have no definite cut pattern or shape, such as those found with diamonds, the best gemstone cuts usually highlight the ideal hue, color, and brilliance.

Gemstone Cut

The best gemstone cut should preserve the true weight of the stone and maintain the natural color. In stones that have a high degree of color saturation, having a shallow cut that facilitates light going through the stone is advisable. For stones with lower color saturation, the cut can be deeper.

Gemstone Cut and Satuation

Another useful tip is to look at the symmetry of the gemstone cut while examining a piece of jewelry. The light should reflect symmetrically through the entire surface.

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