Gemstone Care

Keeping your gemstone jewelry looking great for a lifetime Diamond Tips

-Generally, the best solution for cleaning your gemstones is water with a small amount of dishwashing soap.

- E.S. Designs Lifetime Maintenance provides you with free lifetime professional cleaning with every purchase.

Gemstone Care: For a Lifetime Of Beauty.

Gemstone jewelry is a special gift you can give or receive. Gemstones deserve the best care to maintain their brilliance and keep them from becoming damaged. Certain gemstones require special care, but some general rules of thumb can be followed when wearing, cleaning, and storing gemstone jewelry.

Wearing Gemstone Jewelry
While most gemstones are durable, they can be chipped or scratched or can even split. Keeping a few important tips in mind can help your beautiful jewelry last a lifetime.

  1. • Remove your jewelry before doing any strenuous activities, such as gardening, yard work, or housecleaning (especially doing the dishes). These activities can damage gemstones.

  2. • Lotions, creams, cosmetics, and perfumes are meant to make you beautiful, but they can have a detrimental effect on gemstones. The oils and chemicals in lotions, hair sprays, and other cosmetics can damage your gemstone jewelry. Take off your gemstone jewelry before applying makeup.

  3. • To avoid losing your gemstone, check your jewelry setting regularly to ensure that the prongs are not loose.

Cleaning Gemstone Jewelry
Dust and oils can collect behind your gemstone’s setting, dulling the gem’s brilliance. Generally, gemstones should be cleaned every one or two months. The best solution for cleaning most gemstones is non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or water with a small amount of mild dishwashing soap. For clear stones, such as diamonds, a solution of 6 parts water to 1 part ammonia can brighten the brilliance.

Do not use the following to clean your gemstones jewelry:
• Bleach
• Solvents such as alcohol or cleaning salts

Storing Gemstones

Gemstones are sturdy, but they can be damaged if they come into contact with other gemstones. While storing your gemstone jewelry within a jewelry box, separate each piece in its own compartment, or wrap them in a jeweler’s bag or soft cloth.

Most jewelry should be cleaned professionally every one or two years, more often when worn daily. Taking care of your jewelry will ensure it will look great for a lifetime.

Professional Cleaning

One of the most over looked aspects of gemstone jewelry care is a regular professional cleaning. We recommend if you are going to wear you gemstone jewelry piece daily that you have gemstone jewelry cleaned professional once a year. This regular clean not only will remove the dirt that accumulated under the prongs, but over time the prongs can work themselves loose from the gemstone. A regular check up can ensure that the prongs are holding the gemstone securely.

Remember E.S Designs is committed to excellence with a lifetime gemstone guarantee, including lifetime maintenance, resizing or repairs. You never have to worry about your gemstone jewelry.

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