Diamond Gemstone and Pearl Rings Settings

The setting can influence the amount of light and fire your diamond or gemstone projects Prong Setting


Bezel Setting


Channel Setting


Pave Setting


Tension Setting


Many factors influence your choice of the perfect diamond, gemstone, or pearl jewelry, one of which is the setting. Choosing the best setting to enhance your choice of precious stones is made more simple by understanding the craftsmanship used to design each individual setting.

Prong Setting
Although this is the most common setting, it is by no means plain. Whether it delicately displays a lone solitaire diamond with immaculate beauty or supports a row of sparkling diamonds, this setting offers a view of the stones with added light and air, giving it a surreal look with the transformation of light into sparkling brilliance.

Bezel Setting
This setting can split to form a half-bezel or is used as a whole “collar” that encircles the diamond in all of its glory. Appearing more modern than most designs, the bezel setting calls attention to the diamond and the corresponding stones to complete the overall design of the ring.
Drawing from different shapes of stone arrangements adds to the breathtaking beauty portrayed by this ring.

Channel Setting
As a means of decorating the accompanying wedding band to match the diamond engagement ring, the channel setting holds expertly placed diamonds in a kind of “groove”, allowing for optimum protection of the stones. This design is most popular when the ring has no large or central stone and works better with a band as opposed to a straight design.

Pave Setting
“The devil is in the details”, or so the time-worn phrase goes. In the pave setting, this is the truth. A time-consuming task resulting in the beauty of a thousand gleams from the diamonds, this setting offers a delicate and breathtaking view of perfectly sized diamonds and expertly spaced rows resulting in a gleaming “paved” look.

Tension Setting
Much like a vice grip, a tension setting is designed to hold a diamond in place with applied pressure. The tension setting uses tiny grooves that are etched within the metal to give the mounting a tighter grasp on the gemstone. The result is an appearance of suspension with seemingly nothing holding the diamond in place, which allows for maximum light to enter and exit the diamond without any metal distractions.

Bead Setting
Offering a more elegant look, the bead setting displays the diamonds and other stones varying in size from small to large. Creating a bold look with spacing between the stones allows for an excellent showing of the gold work and enhances the design of the ring by including the beauty of the gold workmanship as well as the placement of the stones.

Cluster Setting
Preferring smaller-sized diamonds may cause you to choose a cluster setting. Varying in design to include flowers and other symbols, this setting places the focus on the theme being displayed through an arrangement of diamonds “clustered” to portray the design. An open design enables a more elongated look to the hand of the wearer, whereas a closed design tends to draw attention to the hand only.

Ballerina Setting
The beauty of the ballerina setting is nearly flawless when set with the most precious of stones. From the center stone, a beautifully cut diamond, flow tapered smaller stones that seem to undulate from the center outward, mimicking the “tutu” worn by a ballet dancer. Bringing new meaning to the phrase “life imitates art”, this creation evokes a sense of splendor while maintaining an almost ethereal quality.

Flush Setting
For a more modern look, the flush setting offers a sense of “twinkling” stones that surround the finger in a band that is nearly flush with the surface of the diamond. Better suited to larger stones for added protection, this setting offers a smooth, discreet display of the diamonds by covering all but the surface facets.

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