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Diamond Reports

E.S. Designs provides a grading report with every diamond we sell*. These reports are independently produced by a trusted but unaffiliated international laboratory that specializes in gemological reporting. E.S. Designs works with GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI EGL USA and OEGV & OEGEMG to ensure that your stone is properly accredited. E.S Designs does not guarantee or provide warranty for these reports, as many of the grading categories, such as Color and Clarity, are very subjective.

The grading in your report is the opinion of the laboratory which produced the report, and may differ from the opinions of other laboratories. Gradings on the cut of your diamond will also vary depending on the laboratory that reviews your diamond, as some facilities will judge the cut based on aesthetics or visual performance, while others will judge the cut based on solely on proportion. E.S. Designs provides grading that is judged based on visual performance, as we feel this is a truer evaluation of the diamond’s cut; this may result in a difference in reports that are proportionally based.

* diamond reports provided with diamond over 0.50 ct

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