A Diamond is an Investment of a Lifetime

With over three decades of experience in diamond jewelry, E.S. Designs promises its clients with industry standard quality in its fine jewelry collection. A number of factors determine the price of a diamond, commonly known as the four Cís namely, carat, cut, clarity, and color.

When purchasing a diamond, the most important feature to look at is the cut. When diamonds are cut too deeply, the reflection of the light that passes through becomes less, resulting in a brilliance that is lackluster. On the other hand, diamonds that are cut too shallow allow light to pass under the diamond instead of reflecting it, resulting in a rather dull appearance.

Another factor to consider is the color of the diamond, which essentially denotes the clearness of the stone. The diamond color range runs from clear to yellow, measured on a scale that uses letters from D to Z, with D being the clearest and Z, the most yellow in hue.

At E.S Designs, we only keep in diamonds that are graded either Good, Very Good, or Excellent in cut as well as those that have colors rated from D to J.