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Diamonds Education

Guide To Buying The Best Diamonds For Your Jewelry

Understanding the 4 C’s of a diamond is essential to find the right diamond to enhance the beauty of your jewelry. The 4 C's describe the anatomy of a diamond and give you a foundation for buying the right diamond that will last a lifetime. The 4 C's of any diamond include the following:
The most important quality to consider in a diamond.
Not referring to colored diamonds, white diamonds are most often valued the highest.
The appearance of any internal flaws within the diamond.

The weight of a diamond, which impacts price, but a bigger the diamond is not always the most expensive.
What makes a diamond beautiful is the shape and form of its structure. The ability of light to pass through or reflect within the diamond derives from the sum of the 4 C's. By understanding the anatomy of a diamond, one can understand how the 4 C's interact with each other.
The shape of a diamond is important to consider because it ultimately affects the diamond’s radiance. The most brilliant diamonds usually have a round cut, but the type of setting can also affect the diamond’s fire and brilliance.
The quality of a diamond is important! Given the many variables that come with selecting a diamond, finding the right diamond can be difficult. At E.S. Designs, we preselect all of our diamonds to ensure that diamonds with poor characteristics do not end up in our inventory.
The ability of a diamond to transfer invisible light into a visible wavelength.
Each diamond is singularlyy assessed by GIA, AGSL or EGL for cut, clarity, weight, shape, and color.

Care should be taken when cleaning and storing diamonds. E.S. Designs provides lifetime professional cleaning with every purchase.
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