Diamond Cut

Paying close attention to the diamond cut can enhance your jewelry. Diamond Tips

Cut Grades
Excellent - About 1% of all cut diamonds* with the best polish and symmetry.

Ideal Cut - About 3% of all cut diamonds* which reflect almost all of the light that enters the diamond. Beautiful, rare, and expensive. Exceptional Quality

Very Good Cut - About 15% of all cut diamonds* which reflect almost as much light as an Ideal cut.

Good Cut - About 25% of all cut diamonds* which reflect most of the light that enters the diamond. Not as expensive as Very Good cut

Fair Cut - About 35% of all cut diamonds.* A quality diamond but does not reflect as much light as a Good cut.

Poor Cut - Either cut too narrow or too wide which does not reflect light well. Not carried at E.S. Designs

* from Diamonds by Eric Bruton.

Diamond Cut: Defining The Diamonds' Fire.

The most important quality to consider in a diamond is the cut. A poor cut can result in a diamond with perfect clarity and color looking far less than its best.

Diamond Cut Light Flow

Too deep of a cut lowers the amount of light that is required to reflect brightness, while too shallow of a cut encourages light to pass under the diamond, resulting in a dull look. The most common cut grades are from least to best are - Fair, Good, Very Good, Ideal and Excellent.

Badly Cut Diamonds

At E.S. Designs, we do not stock any fair-cut diamonds as fair cut diamonds detracts from the diamond’s fire and brilliance.

Compare Diamond Proportions

An ideal cut diamond is cut to precision with each facet perfectly proportioned. This allows light to reflect harmoniously throughout the diamond for enhanced fire and scintillation. In a standard cut diamond, the object of cutting is focused on keeping as much size from the rough material as possible, which may result in an oversized girdle, shallow crown or deep pavilion. Ideal cut diamonds require masterful cutting ability and focus more on the beauty of the diamond versus having the larger karat weight.

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