Diamond Color

The color of a diamond can enhance the brilliance of your diamond. Diamond Tips

Color Grade

D - Very rare and expensive.

E - F - Can be rare

G - H - Slightly colored but color only visible if placed side by side with a better diamond grade. Exceptional value.

I - J - Excellence value Has slightly noticeable color tones.

K - Z - Noticeable color. Not carried at E.S. Designs.

Diamond Color: The Essence of a Great Diamond.

The fact is that diamonds actually do have a variety of colors. The coloration of a diamond generally runs from clear to yellow, with intermediate colorations in between. The color of a diamond is rated on a scale that utilizes letters. The best grade of diamond, when it comes to color, is considered a colorless diamond rated D and is very rare. Diamonds rated E and F are also rare and can be very pricey. For the best value, look for diamonds graded G-J. At the other end of the spectrum are yellow diamonds rated Z.

diamond color gradient

At E.S. Designs, we do not stock any diamonds below color J because colors below J detract from the diamond’s fire and brilliance.

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