Diamond Care

Keeping your diamond looking great 40 years from the day you bought itDiamond Tips

- Clean your diamond regularly with 6 parts water to 1 part ammonia.

- E.S. Designs Lifetime Maintenance provides you with free lifetime professional cleaning with every purchase.

Diamond Care: For A Lifetime Of Beauty.

Although diamonds are known for being the hardest substance on earth, once they are created as jewelry, their hardness is weakened. To keep your diamonds in the best condition, care should be taken when cleaning and storing them.

Cleaning and storage
We advise you to have your diamond jewelry cleaned annually by a professional jeweler to determine that the setting is still secure. Between professional cleanings and when you wear your jewelry, you should clean it with a solution of 6 parts water to 1 part ammonia. Any dirt should be removed with a soft scrub brush. When not being worn or displayed, your diamonds should be safely wrapped in a soft pouch to minimize contact with other jewelry and to preserve a clear and clean surface.

Professional Cleaning
One of the most over looked aspects of jewelry care is a regular professional cleaning. We recommend if you are going to wear you diamond jewelry piece daily that you have diamond jewelry cleaned professional once a year. This regular clean not only will remove the dirt that accumulated under the prongs, but over time the prongs can work themselves loose from the diamond. A regular check up can ensure that the prongs are holding the diamond securely.
Remember E.S Designs is committed to excellence with a lifetime diamond guarantee, including lifetime maintenance, resizing or repairs. You never have to worry about your diamond jewelry.

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