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Confict Diamonds

What is a \"Blood Diamond\"?
What makes a diamond a “blood diamond” is not the qualities of the stone, but the environment in which it is mined, and what activities they finance. These precious stones, also called conflict diamonds, are pulled from the earth in some of the most dangerous regions on Earth, and the proceeds from their sale go towards aiding in violent and bloody conflicts. The most prominent blood diamond producers are the countries of Angola, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of Congo, and Zimbabwe.

E.S. Designs ensures that their supply of diamonds come through the most reputable avenues, by purchasing diamonds directly from international diamond cutting centers in Belgium, Israel, South African and the United States. These centers get their supplies from De Beers DTC Sight holders.

Fair trade and the Kimberly process
At E.S. Designs we do every thing in our power to ensure that you receive the best diamonds.. We are strictly against the supply of any blood diamonds and support of organizations such as Stop Blood Diamonds, the Kimberly process and Fair trade- by providing our customers with accurate information regarding the practices of diamond trading and mining.

Not support of violence
Both the Kimberly process and organization such as Stop Blood Diamonds where established to attempt to restrict the supply of the conflict diamonds. These diamonds are rough diamonds and have been used by rebel groups to finance battles against the existing leadership and government. The Kimberly process is an initiative from civil societies, governments and industries to stop this malpractice.

The importance of certification
Diamonds require certification and authentication in order to ensure the highest quality possible. At E S Designs we pride ourselves in having some of the finest quality diamonds that attain the highest industry standards.

At E.S. Designs, we share a similar view to Martin Rapport video on Fair Trade Diamonds


Fair trade: a necessity for sustained development
Ancient practices of diamond mining and trading involved alot of injustice and exploitation of the impoverished. For a long time countries in Africa have suffered due to inhuman diamond mining practices. Working conditions have led to the death of many workers in the diamond mines. That is why such diamonds are called Blood Diamonds. In an effort to curb this practice across industries the practice of Fair Trade was introduced. Today, prices are not allowed to fall below a certain industry level. Working conditions have also improved to ensure safety and comfort for workers.

Our support for Fair Trade
No diamond jewelry is ever worth the cost of a human life! That is why we at E.S. Designs strictly against blood diamonds and are in favor of Fair Trade practices.

- no matter how the world changes these values won’t.

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